On the Quest for Blazing Performance – NginX, DNS, and caching (Part 1)
(Date: 8/21/2008) As you may know, I am eminently concerned with ad delivery (here: economics of ad delivery), and as part of that, have recently embarked on a quest for blazing and blistering web performance out of my webservers. After all, more pages delivered (= more ads) & more returning visitors (= more ads). When most people think of optimizing their server... Read more →
Economics of Ad Delivery
I would like to talk a little bit about the economics of ad (as in web advertising unit) delivery. Not because I am the biggest expert in the world, but because I have been wrongheaded about the issue in the past. I can (and have) been found guilty of advising people not to upgrade to additional servers (here), that there is more... Read more →
HTML Strip of comments, whitespace and crap
As you develop your super-high-power web site, you may find that over the years pages become saturated with comments and formatting whitespace, designed to improve your personal readability. Well, those spaces can account for an extra 20% of transmission cost… even with gzip compression. So here are some PHP routines that I wrote for StudentsReviewto strip the unnecessary content, while respecting scripts,... Read more →
Dynamic Content is not your friend: Scaling & the Front-side Cache
Before I get started on the economics of ad delivery, I’d like to talk about something… the front end proxy and cache modules. I’m sure you know about them — they are the components to the system that give your dynamic web site blazing speed. Examples are Varnish, Squid, Google ncache, and mod_cache. But I would submit to you, my anticipatory readers... Read more →
I hate Linux
So, after having been asked one too many times “why don’t you run Linux on that machine?”, and suffered the subsequent explosion at my friends and neural breakdown: “well why don’t you run your car into a brick wall!!” I yell back in some nonsequitious malformed insult that isn’t even marginally analogous. You see, I use Windows, which I say neither proudly,... Read more →
One Keyboard to rule them all (Reviews)
Since I’ve become what can only be d3scr1b3d as an ultrahacker (I can break encryption keys in 12 languages, I go by the hacker alias N3O, and apparently help my landlady take out the trash. One of these lives has a future… the other does not.), I’ve decided to upgrade my computing center to the mega-ultra-command complex of usability that it deserves.... Read more →
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