Why if you’re planning on voting for Trump, you should actually vote for Gary Johnson.

Trump is running on the Republican Party.  What you may not realize is that there is another Republican Party member – the Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson, who is on the Libertarian Ticket.

If you remember, the Republican Nomination was a fiasco, with so many candidates that only the loudest could win.  Rather than involve himself with that comedy, Rep Gov. Johnson joined the Libertarian Party.

A Third party has won the election in the past as well.  Abraham Lincoln, of the newly-formed Republican party, won the Presidential election and took action against the Confederacy.  Now Republicans seem pro-confederacy.

The Republican Party is now the opposite of what it was – those who have considered themselves Republican for many years will find that the Party Platform is unrecognizable, but that the Libertarian party better matches their ideals of smaller government, less big brother, less people in their face telling them what to believe, less regulation to force them to follow it, and less people entrenched in “the system” thinking that somehow even more laws from the Fed will solve problems and save the taxpayers money.

Even the majority of the initial Republican candidates noted that the Fed has become an overwhelming mess, whose sloppiness, taxes, arrogance and bloated regulations have become a time bill for the average American.  Few people have paid that bill more than I.

I’m an average American who runs a small business that grosses less than teachers.  For the year that I qualified for a student loan, the IRS came after me, sending me notice after notice, that I owe $104,000.  I had never even seen that amount of money before. It took 3 years of my life, wasted, to get the IRS mistake (and it was) fixed.  It is happening to you too.  The IRS has “stepped up collections” to offset the huge government spending.  They no longer send you a breakdown of why they think you owe money, just a bill with demands.  They find ways to increase the bill that don’t make sense.  I’m sure you’ve gotten them.  The IRS can go into your bank account and take your money without a court, and you have to beg the IRS for it back.

My point is, while the other “republican” candidate is finding more ways to spend out of your pocket and time and make you feel embarrassed by what comes out of his mouth, there’s another “actual” republican candidate.  One who probably matches your beliefs on the issues more.

And at least Gary Johnson’s campaign slogan isn’t an undisguised insult to the American public.