Fig 4)
Seriously, I get we're a racer with our Momo shift, but imagine how that thing just totally came apart then came off the shifter too! I'm a noob, it's all i could do to not panic.

Restoring Etyonne, or 15 ways the first owner was a douchebag.

Now I’ve had Etyonne for almost a year now, and everytime I fix or clean something, I’m struck by how much of a douchebag the first owner was. I mean, the number of times that I’ve found bolts that are missing makes me wonder, did he just unscrew them and throw them out the drivers’ side window on the highway? “I’ll never need these, suck on the next guy”.

  1. riced dashboard (Pic 1)
  2. cut dashboard power control clips (Pic 2)
  3. didn’t replace gas cover
  4. removed interior air filter
  5. didn’t replace glovebox clips
  6. removed the climate control & dashboard screws, didn’t put them back(Pic 3)
  7. clearly ran regular gas in a premium gas (high compression) engine
  8. hooked up his ricer stoichiometry gauge wrong, perpetually shorting out the O2 sensors
  9. Removed the sunvisor, and the stereo, didn’t replace
  10. just didn’t do any common sense maintenance at all, changing oil, sparks, air filter, throttle cleaning.
  11. sold it with a broken aftermarket shift knob that fell apart as I drove home the first time with the car(Fig 4)
  12. Took out washer fluid gasket, like what?
  13. never washed or detailed car.  it took me 12 hrs to clay bar!(Pic 5)
  14. had a body shop spray paint (badly) the back bumper while still on the car; paint everywhere
  15. Because I said so, now there’s 15.

But, at least he didn’t break the lift bolts…