Best salmon sandwich… EVAR!!! mmmmm, nomnomnom…

Completely by accident, I found myself making the best sandwich in the universe.  Now, at first it was pretty so-so, but then I did a google search for some tips, and the next thing I knew, I was having a wet, drooling, food-gasm. Ummm, yeah, I have a bit of an oral, er, fixation, I think…

Without further ado, here is the nummy recipe!

  1. smoked salmon
  2. ciabatta roll (or sourdough, I bet with good sourdough it would just be the kind of divine that makes you feel you are standing within the light of God)
  3. fresh, locally grown, non gmo tomatoes, a few slices.  You know, the ones that actually have flavor.
  4. handful of arugula.
  5. chopped fresh dill, don’t use that dried crap
  6. teaspoon of capers.  What are these anyway?  basically pickled pine nuts.
  7. slice of provolone cheese
  8. Tabasco sauce
  9. Hot chili oil
  10. Dijon Mustard


Put them all together on a roll, sprinkle on the arugula and capers, smear on the mustard, chili oil, and splash it with tabasco sauce.  Really, it should take like 5 minutes.   Done!  (Pic 1)   Now take a picture next to some flowers to show you have real style and pride in your work. (Pic 2)


  • I made it again without the hot chili oil or the mustard, leaving the tabasco sauce on, and I think it is even better.  You’re not being overwhelmed with flavors and can taste the salmon better