Dream Wisdom

Many years ago, it used to be the case that periodically I would be visited while I sleep by moments of what I call “Dream Wisdom”.  From whence the source it came, I have no idea, but they were always moments where I woke up enlightened about something meaningful in my life.  Like solving a big math problem in your sleep.  But gradually those moments disappeared and I wondered why my sleep always felt empty, difficulty sleeping and breathing aside.  But suddenly, after “leaving” Boston, and relaxing in the heavenly place that is Tallahassee, FL, “the voice” appeared in my head at night to visit upon me it’s scathing judgmental comment that bolted me right awake into a cold sweat of personal dissatisfaction and heavy breathing,

The only thing you’re doing is sleeping and complaining.

The thing is, the voice is totally correct.  While I lament things, I’m not actually being productive and acting like I have a positive future.  I’m just sleeping my life away like some complaining mc-complainey-pants loser.

Then 2 weeks later, at South Padre Island, the Ghost of Christmas past revisited me, to take me on a journey through parts of my life, leaving me with a distinct message about why few things I put my hands to are actually successful.

You’re only being a user, you’re not contributing anything to anyone’s life, it’s not surprising that things haven’t worked out.

After these two “messages”, it isn’t that hard to see how they connect, or how I should be modifying my life.  Weirdly, the second message was about all the girls that I had a crush on, and why they didn’t work out, but it can be applied everywhere.