Fig 3)
I love you Seven! Will you marry me???

Child with a cloud?

While I was at home with my brother, a hilarious discussion ensued, as usual, about TNG, TOS, and Voyager. Which I feel it necessary to point out, that all hilarious content is in fact, my brother’s. (I should probably create a method of citing him. like [1]). But we were seriously watching Time’s Arrow around lunch when he [1] announced,

you know, no matter how exciting this episode is, and make no mistake, it is the most exciting TNG episode of all time, it is still just god-awful boring.

This prompted a hilariously boring derivative discussion — is TNG a boringness scale, by which every episode of TNG can be measured and starts at 1, as no episode is ever less than 1 full unit of boringness? (Pic 1)

Also, does it also mean that one can define a positive definite, self-adjoint operator <TNGx|y>, like the Hamiltonian who’s transpose is equally boring as it is TNG? Did you zone out in that sentence? If so, the answer is yes, <TNG> defines an orthonormal (with what?) hilbert space, on which it is self-adjoint. Anything that you talk about that mentions TNG, is boring. Could it also be why people who like to talk about Hamiltonians, angular momentum, and inner product spaces will also talk, almost reflexively, about TNG? And why TNG is so adept, at least after season 3, with technobabble?

Then, we found ourselves watching a Deanna-heavy episode… in which, Troi has a child with a cloud. A CLOUD!!! I mean, I know they’ve outgrown morality, ethics, and have a fly-by-night sexual promiscuity which never seems to bite them in the ass, except for when.. DEANNA HAS A CHILD WITH A CLOUD! I guess it didn’t really bit her in the.. er.. ass.

Which really raises the question (and additional dimension) of sensicality. (Pic 2)
On which (I think) all of Star Trek can be plotted. My brother disagrees somewhat. But I think those two dimensions divide up the Star Trek Space (hah) into 4 quadrants (hah), which partition the Series’ up. For instance, ALL of DS9 is both boring and completely nonsensical. The Original Series doesn’t constrain itself by the bounds of logic, but does by Nielsen ratings, and is therefore entertaining. Voyager is always fun, and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS logical, especially when Seven of Nine appears. (Fig 3)

Whatever it is, if it’s boring, it must be TNG.