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Sorry for the bad handwriting! And it's a week early…

新年计划!! (Time for New Years Resolutions)

Eight lucky resolutions, three days early

  1. Don’t talk about ex girlfriends anymore, try not to think about them either.  The latter might not be possible, but let the past be passed.
  2. Get a “real job”, one that doesn’t allow me to be an “independent entrepreneur”.  i.e. If I’m going to keep being an entrepreneur, I want to work with people.  My interests are: research scientist, VC, or entrepreneur in a team.
  3. Actively put to use what I learned last year — “There is no A-game, only the game you train with“; think of myself as constantly training and improving — i.e. raise my daily operating gear, incrementally, but consistently.
  4. Spend 1 hour a day improving myself, learning new things, reactivating old things.
  5. Don’t make little things into “big things”.  i.e. many times I turn a little project into an overwhelmingly huge project with an unsatisfiable number of dependencies, rather than just doing it.  Play the numbers game and iterate.  Sometimes I have so much built-up inertia and prior information that what is a “little thing” to someone else, becomes implausibly difficult.
  6. Practice clearing my mind, and approaching problems as though I don’t know what to expect.
  7. You never know what is going to happen, go into situations with an open mind for possibilities.  Because everything else I already know, and is boring.
  8. Breathe deeply through my nose and enjoy my newly-found ability to breathe.

(Fig 1)