What kind of Crap will the Future bring?

In the beginning…

Whenever a new technology is created for information sharing, the first inroads into that technology are always highly curated, of the most “social value” of the age. When the printing press was first created, the first book ever to be published was the Bible. Similarly, when the internet (ARPANET) was created, the first “real” usages were for DARPA (defense net) and NORSAR, the Norwegian Seismic Array, and of course, IM between researchers at different Institutions, which took the form of

man, this girl in our lab is totally cute.

This is because of the high cost associated with the first productions, necessitating a high return on investment, and because of the general 2-way inaccessibility of the technology+information. But as the technologies become more widespread, the quality of the material accessible through it invariably goes down — not just because the technology is in the hands of laypeople, but because the cost associated with delivering content goes down, so the front-end investment into the content itself also goes down. (Pic 1)

In the early days of the internet, it was oft quoted that “porn constitutes 80% of the content” on the interwebs. And that was something I believed always would be true, just from human nature. But as time has continued on, it is now apparent to me that we were simply in the earlier part of the time-content pyramid. At that time, porn was at the bottom, which everyone snarked at. But time has demonstrated that even humans cannot produce or consume porn as quickly as they can produce mounds of facebook and other social bullshit. and videos of cats. Porn is actually near the top. (Pic 2)

This also leads me into wondering (aka armchair theorizing) if the total profit curve produced by any new technology is linear (or flat). Neglecting that all industries are capital constrained, and GDP (aka environment) constrained imposes capital conservation in any given industry (even under saturation). Beside that, cost to produce content goes down, volume goes up, and the marginal value per unit of content goes down. In some sense, it might be good to be a producer of porn because the total size is lower than all the other crap (i.e. better revenue per unit). It also shows that google has the right mentality all along, profiting not on a single sector of the pyramid, but integrating over the entire pyramid and profiting off of every piece of BS that ever pops into someone’s addled mind. All but this one. All but this one.