When there’s nothing left to gain (relationships)

You see, its really easy for one to act like they care at the beginning of a relationship, and [relatively] easy to do so in the middle as well, but the hard time, the time when it really becomes clear the state of your own (and the other person’s) feelings, is at the end, when there’s nothing left to gain.People who truly care about each other, even if they think that there is no future together, try to help the other person off to a positive life, a positive future. Not all the executions are clean (in fact most are weird and ugly), because someone will always feel betrayed, but when it comes down to it, you get the feeling that they do not wish you any ill will, that your time meant something to them (at least in the present), or they want you to understand.

What does this mean? This means that nobody is left in a vacuum, trying to figure out what happened, people are left with honest, meaningful explanations of what went wrong, and in short, the relationship is ended as though they had respect for each other. Nobody has to go on talking or “being friends”, but the manner in which you end says just as much, if not more, about the seriousness of your own feelings, and the respect for your own and the other person’s time (i.e. LIFE).

I am not advocating that people run out and break up with each other just to see if they care — I am merely pointing out that the way in which a relationship ends points more to the future that the relationship had than perhaps the relationship itself.

(Not to be confused with the raging hatred of emotions still fresh, because that is not a break up.)