Embracing the Future
(and letting go of the past)

After a talk with one of my advisors here at MIT, he told me that I needed to let go of my past research, including my MS thesis. While there were a lot of excellent points that he made in addition, I’ve found myself pondering the generalization of his point. Maybe I’m not just holding onto past research that I’ll never get anything from, but also the past in general. Past ideas, past ways of thinking, past feelings, past mistakes, past struggles, and past hopes. Academically, perhaps I’ve become so in love with the past academic difficulties that I’m not taking obvious paths into the future, defining myself in terms of an unnecessary unrequited struggle, rather than the implicit triumphs, failing to pursue the futures that I’ve built for myself.

Maybe it’s not just “enough” to let bygones be bygones, but a necessity instead. I need to stop trying to turn the great wheel backwards, and give it a crazy spin forward instead.

My ideas for a next step into the future are:

  1. Venture Capitalist
  2. Research Scientist
  3. Algorithmic Trading company founder
  4. (Assistant) Professor/Researcher