Fig 1)
Notice all the fingerprints all over it! What's up with that!

Fig 2)
Cool box and first impression ruined by a dirty phone.

Fig 3)
Beautiful screen colors, but if you zoom in, you can totally see the color banding and the way the pixels are offset at a zigzag.

My new awesome phone – 4G Motorola Droid Razr MAXX

So I got a swanky new phone with my switch from AT&T to Verizon. AT&T super-sucked, and before that, T-Mobile seemed to be more interested in treating me like a common criminal than a customer. Good Riddance to them both. Verizon of course is super expensive, and while I was grandfathered in on an unlimited data plan with ATT, I have to pay like $100/mo for 4Gb plan with Verizon. Granted, i could never download anything with ATT, and even with 4G on Verizon and Netflix on my phone, I still download less than 1Gb/mo.

Ok, so phone review. My first phone that I ordered arrived totally used. I mean come on, it cost almost $300, why does it have fingerprints all over it? Thankfully Verizon sent a replacement as soon as the could, which of course turned out to be like a month later.

The second phone (Fig 1) (Fig 2) that arrived had fingerprints all over it too, despite its sly black stealth box. I mean, shouldn’t this phone look new and awesome?

I’d paste in a photo here of the awesome packaging that my Apple iPad came in, but everyone already knows it.

Ok so review, the screen (Fig 3) is pretty great. It is clear and bright and colorful. And while it isn’t as “sharp” as the iphone (diagonal pixels), it’s still a million billion times better than my Nokia 5800.

Great Things:

  1. Battery Life – With the smart actions which encourages me to turn off the data plan and switch to airline mode at night, I get about 3 days without recharging.  Actually, when it gets down to like 15%, then it’ll start being super aggressive with battery conservation and I’ll get another day out of it (3 days total on a charge).
  2. 4G speed.  Yep, it is faster than our business class comcast service.
  3. Lots of apps.
  4. Touchscreen sensitivity and ease of writing texts and emails.
  5. Import/settings agents really do make it easy to set the phone up.

Not so good things;

  1. Facebook contacts are all read-only and just pollute the contact list with people you can’t contact
  2. Contact/people searching is clumsy and difficult, even with all the optimizations to make searching faster
  3. Hard to get into dialer and stay there.
  4. No “exit” app, everything is a “back button”.  For web searching, this is super annoying to back out a million times just to exit the stupid search.
  5. Only shows 4 contacts on home screen.
  6. Active Widget integration is pretty terrible.  They waste so much screen space, it’s actually annoying to use.
  7. Text Messaging, mixed feelings, easy to input characters, hard to navigate messages, or add users.
  8. Google Android still behaves like beta software, even after all the fixes by both Google and Motorola.
  9. Not easy to switch between modes of input (voice, text, trace, etc)

Update: ICS Android update sucks balls.  Seriously, like everything is broken and the phone does all sorts of random things, hanging up on calls, deactivating the screen randomly, starting applications randomly, changing volumes, even harder to access the phone dialer.  Basically ICS ruined an otherwise great phone.   Even the lock/unlock functionality — swiping a direction, is hard to maintain and use.