Fig 1)
TDC(Time to Digital Converter) Front Panel Adapter Board. This board was designed to connect the pattern generation mainframe to the TDC board itself to drive ECL test signals in.

Fig 2)
Same as above, except it uses LVDS (low voltage differential signal) driver chips for high speed operation.
Bad picture taking trend continues.

Fig 3)
The ‘Christmas tree'… Designed a front panel adapter to drive sample data into the DCAS board. I tested and troubleshooted it. This has to be the only board ever designed in the lab that worked perfectly. It had blinking blue and yellow lights.

Revisiting the Past… PCBs

Did you know that once upon a time, in a former life (aka undergrad), I used to do digital hardware & PCB design?  I had forgotten that until I (somewhat accidentally) happened upon my old umich webpage.  Suffice it to say, I was a little embarrassed by what was written on it, and the contemptibly half-written and half-thought through ideas upon it
At any rate, here a few of them are, from back when I worked with the CDF (Collision Detection at Fermilab) group at the University of Michigan.  (Fig 1)
(Fig 2)
(Fig 3)