Why is it that every 15 minute task on the computer turns into a 3 hour one???? All I wanted to do was to add some music to my blog, using a standard library, which installed, and lo and behold… 8 hours later… it finally works! I mean honestly, between hour 3 and hour 8, all I did was go out to dinner with my friend Renato, then I came back, loaded the page, and suddenly it was working, where the 15,000 page loads beforehand were clearly not good enough. That’s what I hate about computers, its just a license to have your life wasted. I’ll never get that time back, whereas at least you’ll get to enjoy a Chinese song that I downloaded off of Baidu-
[wpaudio url=“” text="Artist - Song” dl=“0” autoplay=“1”][I'll look up the name and post it here.]