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Eq 2: $3,000
SR Doombringer, 14-cores

Eq 3: $6,799.00
Mac Pro, 8TB, 12-cores

Why are Macs so expensive???

So I’m out to configure a new computer, partly one for me, partly one for my brother, and I find myself on the MacBook Pro page configuring a machine there (Pic 1).  Now I know on the surface why Macs tend to be more expensive than windows machines.  That is, if we subtract away the Macs-Fanboi-Love premium, we still find them to cost more, and that is because Windows machine manufacturers offset the production price of the laptop/etc somewhat with “bloatware” to lower the end price that the consumers see.  In short, the bloatware/advertisers are paying part of the cost of your PC.

Ok, that said, I found myself comparing the end price for my SR Doombringer with the Mac Pro Server.   Doombringer (the cluster) has 14 literal cores available and 22GB of ram total, 8TB of Disk, and 448G of SSD, for an end cost of ~$3,000.  (Eq 2) That isn’t a huge amount of hardware, but it is one comparable with the Mac Pro.  Leaving out all of the accessories, and getting only 16GB of ram with 12cores @ 2.66Ghz, along with 8TB of disk, the Mac comes off to… $6,799.00!!!! (Eq 3) Whoa!!!

Now I know the mac os is awesome, but is really worth $3,700!  I could get 2 Doombringers for that price and have enough left for shipping to the colo facility!  Doombringer is running Gentoo Linux.