Fig 1)
The clusterfuck waste of space that is Mozilla Thunderbird. ? for buttons I've never used on this page, or don't know what they are for, or how they are relevant.

Fig 2)
Notice how I can barely read the message — I have a 1920x1080 monitor, and still I can barely find the space to use this program.

Why Does Thunderbird insist on wasting my screen space??

I mean seriously??? What clusterf*ck minded person keeps reducing the screen area with every release to load the damn interface with more and more useless tools???  I mean, honestly, I can see why Jeff is always saying that Gmail beats the crap out of its competition.  I mean, google even has enough space left over to ADVERTISE TO ME!  But thunderbird, ohhh nooo, i don’t even have enough screen real-estate left to see the message I’ve received, much less write a new one.

And get this, what moron thought that having me “confirm” every time I don’t include a subject was a good idea, i mean, the subject line is right in front of my frickin’ face, clearly I don’t want to write a synopsis.  How about you do the MSWORD thing and put the first line in the subject, and if I don’t like it, i’ll change it.

These people really need to put more thought into the interface itself, rather than the damn button placement and whatever “UI/placement” theory bs blog they’re subscribing to.  I don’t NEED TABS!  And if you’re going to stick them in anyway, maybe follow firefox more closely and let me TURN THEM OFF!

(Fig 1)

(Fig 2)