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Fig 2)
The women are totally hot and in shape , so staring happens naturally anyway.

Fig 3)

Fig 4)
Renato and Raffaella

Fig 5)
St. Peter's Basilica at night

Fig 9)
Arch of Constantine

Fig 12)
The Baths of Caracalla are absolutely enormous

Fig 13)
1st disciple's (Peter) grave, has to be one of the largest enclosed open spaces that I've ever seen.

Roma (schedule)

In the past weeks my friend Renato invited me to visit him in Rome, so I decided to go! Also, seeing the same walls day after day here in boston has really gotten mind-numbingly dull… Now, once there, Renato cooked for us almost the whole time (Pic 1), preventing me from wasting money, and to show me what “real italian food” was like. (And because he’s nice). I also made some observations about the pros and cons of being in Rome, and had a pretty intense schedule (well, after I overcame the brighter sun, jetlag, and increased gravity in the Roman Empire).


  • It’s OK to stare at women, so naturally, i fit right in. Actually, it seems to be pretty much expected — in that if you (as a male) don’t look, the Italian ladies think that you’re gay. So I had to emphasize my straightness all over them by staring (Fig 2).
  • The city has so much history. People in Boston like to brag about “Historic Boston”, but that is tongue in cheek. 200 years of history is like yesterday when you compare it to Rome with 2,000.
  • The food. OMG, I was so healthy from what I was eating — I ate1/3 what I normally do and felt full. Not only that, I felt less sick over the entire week than I feel after eating *1 meal* in the U.S. I have a theory about that, for later.
  • There are lots more pros, but I want to keep this post short.


  • OMG, the mosquitos (Fig 3) are INTENSE!!!!!! The was feasting on me all the time — those things bite and leave before the sensation reaches your brain and they don’t give up. In 1 night, through 3 layers of clothes (pajamas and blanket and sheet), I got bitten over 30 times across just my arms.

Once I was in Roma, here was my exciting Day by Day Schedule:

  1. Sat – Arrive, seriously jetlagged, picked up at the airport by Renato, and after several espressos, hang out with Renato and Raffaella (Fig 4) on the Tevere River (Tiber), next to Trastevere and briefly check out the Vatican (Fig 5).
  2. Sun – Visit Renato’s friends Ludovica & Flaviana (Pic 6) at Torvaianica beach (Pic 7)and they cooked for us and we (I) enjoyed all the hot ladies on the beach, while also dozing off jetlag.
  3. Mon – I stumble out in the afternoon and just basically walk around the Coloseum (Pic 8), visit the Old City, the Roman Forum, the Circus Maximus, Nero’s House, the Arch of Constantine (Fig 9), etc. Most places were closed by the time I reached them, so most of my tour was a walking tour around the city.
  4. Tue – I went much earlier and spent a great deal of time inside the coloseum, and then as places closed, I visited the Jewish Ghetto, and various Piazzas (plaza), such as piazza Novona & entered churches to look at paintings(Pic 10)(Pic 11).
  5. Wed – Andrew arrives and joins us, and we visit the ruins of the Roman Baths of Caracalla. (Fig 12)
  6. Thurs – I walked to the Vatican to go, but abandoned it to watch Andrew’s presentation to Renato’s class & go out to eat afterwards
  7. Fri – Visit the Vatican, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica (Fig 13) (Pic 14) with Andrew. Afterwards, visit the Pantheon, Piazza Novona, and walk around until we’re wasted again. For dinner, attend the combined bachelorette party of 7 different girls! Yep, that was over 100 single, hot, italian girls all in one location, with under 10 guys. AWESOME.
  8. Sat – Slept off most of the last night’s excitement, went shopping, and then went out for a nice pizza dinner on the river with R&R and their friend Danila. I continued to practice and acquire more Italian
  9. Sun – Visit St. Paul’s Basilica (2nd disciple) and then Fly out to the UK.