Overcoming Knee Injuries (Attempting to…)

So for those in the know, many years ago I “suffered” (and I say suffered to make it seem like i was the victim of, rather than the truth, which is that i inane-d myself into) a full ACL tear, along with meniscus tears in my left knee. The 6-year old that caused this (or was it ego…) has since grown up into a college student too and probably doesn’t remember how “he beat beracah”, or at least how many times he circled the room cheering that after I collapsed onto the floor. I remember. It was three.

At any rate, since then, i’ve had 2 surgeries; the reconstruction, and then during tkd here at MIT, a clean and shaving of the retorn meniscus. Anyhow, the end point is that I’ve found over the years that I bear more weight on my right leg than my left, and I try to correct it while walking. As my right knee has started to hurt, it occurred to me that perhaps a different and better training is in order… perhaps I should measure the weight that I put on each leg (using a pair of identical scales), and calibrate myself to a balanced position, so that I can regain the knowledge of what it feels like (in the knee, where I sense pressure) to have even weight distribution.

I did that, and… lo and behold! (Pic 1) It isn’t my right knee carrying all of the weight anymore! It’s my left!!!! So weird, apparently in casual “balanced” standing, my left leg is carrying 18lbs more than my right leg! That was totally unexpected. Though I have to say, when I watch the scales and balance perfectly, it feels both a little unusual… and a little “right”.

And yes, I do reposition the scales and practice centering my balance for my sparring stances. It’s pretty fun.