Fig 1)
I had to flex a little

Fig 2)
BEFORE: You can clearly see the 54% sleep efficiency filled with lots of spats being awake and uncomfortable in the weeks before the second turbinate reduction.

Fig 3)
AFTER: Not every night is this good, but this is a surprisingly high efficiency — usually though, i no longer need the full 8 hours.

Just Breathe

When I’m in yoga, I get to hear all sorts of inanity about the 3rd-eye, inverting the nervous system, crap like you wouldn’t believe. But one thing that they constantly harp on, and perhaps for good reason, is the power of the breath. But simple requests like that, to breath in, out, smoothly during the execution of each move: down dog, tree, whatever are surprisingly difficult when you physically cannot breath.

As many people have known now, I have had lots of difficulty sleeping, and taken to wearing 3 breath-right strips per day, just to allow air through my sinuses. In the fall, I had my septum straightened, which mysteriously allowed me to breath through both passages (of course, the surgery made my face feel like it had been run over by a truck…). Along with a minor turbinate reduction, I all of a sudden felt like how most people must feel — AIR!! No need to hold my breath or breath through my mouth when exercising!

Unfortunately, the ability to breath (and sleep) did not last and eventually my turbinates swelled again and I couldn’t breath anymore. So I had a second turbinate reduction in spring and recorded my sleep (using my biometrics device (Fig 1)) before (Fig 2) and several weeks after (Fig 3), so that the effect of being able to breath could be seen. (sleeping is of note because the turbinates swell at night, making breathing harder, but still ok for most people since their air requirements are also lower, but no air at all leads of course, to suffocation). Though I picked the best “exemplars” of the data from the BodyMedia site, it still somewhat demonstrates the imrovement of breathing upon sleep.

I have noticed however, that there are days when it feels like too much air is going through, and my throat is almost painfully dry. This will probably adjust over time as I relearn how to breath during my activities to take advantage of my newfound superpowers. Speaking of, on the days that I really sleep well and get lots of oxygen, my vision (eyes, not third-eye) is sooo clear that my brain almost cannot process all the visual data. It’s almost overwhelming, really, just to look around.

Now if only i could just motivate myself to do anything at all…