Everybody Likes to talk about

how great free software is, but it isn’t. it sucks. All I’m trying to do is use mencoder to crop the movie Cutthroat Island (GREAT MOVIE! I Really Recommend!) of my dvd, so that when it plays on the tv, it plays at the full resolution.

Apart from wasting 10 hrs trying to figure out the right flags to do it, mencoder makes it all the way through the video up until the last 10 minutes (out of two hours), when it borks out with an “audio buffer full” message. This dvd and the rip from the dvd both play PERFECTLY. And this is what I hate most, and I think is the most typical of “free software”. If it works, it will seem to work great, until 85-90% of the way through whatever you are working on, then it will collapse unceremoniously, making you waste another two weeks of your life either a) trying to figure out what settings were wrong, or b) trying to cobble together an odd assortment of other random tools to try to make it the rest of the way. Which will entail, cropping it without sound to a new video, then using ffmpeg to try to mux the audio stream from the original video together with the new video, meanwhile hoping that mencoder hasn’t screwed up the framerate anywhere, so their mouths are out of sync with the words. Here is a straw, a paperclip and a rubberband,

Please save my dog.