We are living in the F’n dark ages

of computing. Why is it that I cannot write symbolic math expressions on my stylus, have them converted into a nice math form, then draw arrows connecting symbols and have them stick in those sub-equations, expanding them, or expanding the inequalities if necessary. Or better, stick in a nice little range showing the domains of the inequalities.

And if I draw 3 lines with arrows on it, why can’t it insert a 3d graph with the axes I just labeled, allowing me to interact with the graph. It could even be half-smart, and stick the equations that I just wrote onto the graph!!!

Why do I have to sit here, rewriting the same thing on a piece of paper 50 different ways because I ran out of space??? And worse, when I switch to the computer, because I think “it’ll be faster”, I only find myself screaming saying “HOW DO I INPUT AN F’ING RANGE!!!!???” “WHY DOESN’T IT KNOW WHAT A VECTOR IS!!!????”

I’m not asking it to solve my equations for me, just facilitate & help me spot errors.