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Fig 1)
Start with a super awesome large Wok, like me.

Fig 3)
Let it simmer for while…

Fig 4)
Fresher Spinach than advertised.

Fig 5)

Spicy Miso Soup

This is my recently concocted recipe for super delicious and spicy miso soup.

  1. 4 cups of water or so
  2. 4 tablespoons of soybean-miso paste from your favorite or most convenient asian grocery.
  3. A hand sized wad of frozen spinach, probably because you still have it lying around all old and freezer-burned
  4. Some of General Tso’s House of Tsang’s & Gao’s Spicy Schezuan stir fry sauce from the black and red bottle.
  5. 2 big packages of udon noodles.  Or depending upon what you buy, enough for$2-3$ people size servings.  Since I ate 2 bowls worth and I usually eat 2 peoples’ worth of food, this is probably closer to 4 “servings”, whatever that means.
  6. No Salt.

Find yourself a free wok, like I did, and bring to a near boil all the water (1).  Add the miso paste (2), and cover and let it steep and be hot until it looks like miso soup and smells good.  (~10mins)  Then, drop in wad of spinach (3) because it looks sorta like it could be mistaken for seaweed.  And it’s old enough really anyway.  Let it steep on medium for about another 10-15 minutes.  At first you’ll ask yourself, “what am I thinking using spinach instead of seaweed, it smells funny”, but trust me, that’s just the smell of old freezer burn working its way out, intermingled with the smell of mice. Once it has been cooking long enough and looks like seaweed, add the udon & cook for about 10mins.  Also dump in a couple dollups, or however much you think looks appropriate, of the schezuan sauce.  Remember to keep it covered, the longer the heat is kept in and steeped in its goodness, the tastier it will taste.  Remember to keep stirring gently all through the process, or during commercials.  Oh, don’t boil it, or it will probably boil off and burn and be too strong with the taste of burny-ness.

That’s it!  Now sit back, and enjoy that you aren’t sharing this with anyone else, and burn on them anyway for not wanting to try your cooking!

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(Fig 3)

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