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I only looked at you

Chill out.

So I was walking down the street in boston, and the first thing that I noticed is that the overall hotness index of the girls goes up by like 3 points just from crossing the Harvard bridge out of MIT into Boston proper. But as I was walking, two two “alright” attractive girls passed by me, and being the single, available guy that I am, I looked and smiled. Now their immediate reaction was not to smile back, but to look at each other and start giggling, nay laughing out loud, and looking back at me. As though to say:
“there’s no way”

Which of course, I found (and always do find) patently silly. This is because, I only looked.  My looking did not result in “asking out”.  So while they can laugh at their own perception of discrepancy between their and my indices (and presumably what they think that they can get), they have failed to laugh at what didn’t take place. They aren’t laughing at the fact they got asked out by someone they wouldn’t have gone out with, they are laughing at the idea that someone might have been interested, but ultimately wasn’t.   In other words, their “index” plus their “personality” resulted in a negative coefficient of interest from me…  And they are laughing.  That’s a level of stupidity that always startles me.

Now I understand that I’m not the spitting image of genetic fitness, carrying around my custom keyboard and monitor, and two tennis rackets, but by the time you are laughing at someone because of what possibly might have been, is also because you laughing at the discrepancy between your “imagination” of your own value and capacity against someone else’s totally unknown value.  To make this stupidity sound totally stupid, one basically is saying:

There exists ay in Person Capacity {P} such that Forallx in P: y > x       

See?  That’s stupid!

It reminds me of the time 8 years I asked a girl to dance at a club, and her three friends surrounding her started laughing at me.  I totally resisted the urge to say: “what are you laughing about?  I didn’t ask you to dance”.

But also, it is the same girls that in 3 years time, will be lamenting that they “cannot find a good man”, and will settle for someone who treats them like a jerk, because they passed up all the non-jerks (when they were interested), acting like jerks.  (See post: douches date douches).

Which brings me to my final point: hot girls, or rather, girls who think they are… are annoying.