I hate Linux

So, after having been asked one too many times “why don’t you run Linux on that machine?”, and suffered the subsequent explosion at my friends and neural breakdown: “well why don’t you run your car into a brick wall!!” I yell back in some nonsequitious malformed insult that isn’t even marginally analogous.

You see, I use Windows, which I say neither proudly, nor shamefully. It is simply A FACT.

Much of my hatred for Linux stems from the fact that the linux kernel is nothing short of awesome, a completely unsurpassed kind of awesome that leaves you wondering how people could build something of such unparalled performance and beauty (with of course the rare exception of the Digital UNIX kernel, before it and abject superiority along with the Alpha were absorbed into HPUX or sold off in pieces to Intel). It is that kernel’s awesomeness that makes one want to run linux, well, for everything. It is also that same awesomeness that makes people recommend it for everything under the sun.

What people also fail to realize, or rather, realize and think is a “feature”, is that Linux is distributed with a hell of a lot GNU crap. GNU crap, which, more often than not, doesn’t work… at all. Oh sure, you can get any and every app you’ve ever wanted, but hey I’ve gotta tell you, that a hundred million tons of crap is still a hundred million tons of crap. And that’s what GNU software is. (insert rant about GNU, instead of women, being the root of all evil)

If I had installed linux, after the joy of watching it boot into console mode perfectly, I’d have to live through the torturous agony of trying to make X work, which would involve years of futzing around with the stupid xconf file to make the modelines and Xinerama work right for quad displays. After all the time doing that, I’d have the joy of trying to make my python opengl demo simulation work, only to find that my python viz lib isn’t fully compatible with my radeon-opengl drivers.

And that’s how it goes with Linux. (LAMP aside, which is awesome.)

Every app you want to use involves 100 weeks of “adventure” searching
discussion threads, message boards, documentation, only to find that your application libs are in the wrong place, not linked properly, or more likely, buggy with no-one supporting it anymore.

My time is valuable, and Windows saves me time. Even after this rant, and going through the headache of the full install sequence w98->2000->XP Pro->Vista, it still cost me less time than a single attempt of trying to get X11 to work.

God I hate computers.